Chris Middleton of Brix Property Partners Dubai.

Chris Middleton from Leeds to Dubai

The real estate market of Dubai is presently caught in the grips of change. Previous year’s financial troubles have lead to industry wide reforms, which in turn have paved the way for the adoption of more levelheaded procedures by property services providers.

The overall reforms are spearheaded by newly established companies that are in a way revolutionizing the property marketing process. One such company is Brix Property Partners, a project of Chris Middleton, a veteran property marketer from Leeds, United Kingdom.

Chris Middleton came to Dubai 5 years ago, as a “Market Development” director for a Leeds based MNE. Chris’ insight led him to identify the need for a customer-centric property company in Dubai, which eventually led to the creation of Brix Property Partners in 2010.

In essence, Brix Property Partners is an orthodox United Kingdom styled estate agency, staffed by some of the best realtors in UAE. Chris explains, “My experience at Leeds, taught me to strive for nothing less than unparalleled, and original approach to real estate solutions. I formed a team of hardcore realtors and encourage them to offer the highest caliber of knowledge and experience to our customers. I urged my team to focus of delivering efficiency, efficacy and transparency in all transactions, and made these deliverables the mission statement of our organization”.

Chris Middleton’s experience at Leeds forms the keel of Brix Property Partners and has helped the company amass a pool of talented real estate agents from across UAE. “We have discarded the traditional boiler-room environment, and have given our agents lively work settings and operational freedom.” added Chris “This is precisely why our team goes to great lengths to offer top-notch services to our clients. We offer a unique blend of talent, market understanding and transparency to all our clients, so that they may get the best property services available”.

Chris Middleton Leeds’ experience, coupled with his understanding of human psyche and local market dynamics has enabled him to make Brix into an all round winner. Brix ranks high amongst the new crop of real estate agencies in Dubai, and currently occupies the 2nd spot on the popular “Century Club” listings. The company has also appeared twice on the prestigious Arabian Business magazine during its first year of operations and is set to do well in 2011 and beyond.


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